“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary...” — Edgar Allan Poe

February News at Poe House

Valentine's Day falls on a Monday this month and thus the immutable laws of marketing dictate we must celebrate/endure a weekend of romantic bliss... or misery... likely both if you're a Poe fan. Your favorite restaurants will be booked, so consider a Bus Tour of Edgar Allan Poe's Baltimore for your beloved instead. And while you're in the cemetery, leave a rose for Edgar and his wife, Virginia (she's buried right next to him) as in 2022 we commemorate the Virginia Poe Bicentennial. Those staying in V-day evening can enjoy our special Valentine's program, In Her Own Words: A Valentine for Edgar Allan Poe, featuring Virginia's poetic Valentine to her husband and Edgar's fraught proposal of marriage. The program will stream on Facebook and YouTube at 7PM Eastern. Stay to the end to learn how you can participate in our next recording!

Read about all upcoming events and dates to look for in our February newsletter!