“Invisible things are the only realities.” — Edgar Allan Poe

Last Minute Valentines for Poe Lovers

Edgar Allan Poe is without doubt one of the most beloved writers in the world, but there are only a few people who can rightly claim they love Poe the most: our volunteers! Over the last decade as stewards of The Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum in Baltimore it has been our honor to work with individuals who gift their time to help us preserve Poe's legacy. Without pay (and sometimes only half a second to grab a quick bite to eat before our next tour or program) volunteers have worked countless hours to keep Poe's chamber door open to visitors and ensure our mission's success. This month's page from the Poe House Yearbook is a valentine for their work, and invitation to our Poe Nation to join us in the coming year. Volunteer at Poe House and Poe Fest International in 2023!

Of course, love is on all our minds. Still in need of a gift for your Poe lover? We recently announced the return of Edgar Allan Poe's Death in Baltimore Bus Tours. Poe Baltimore is also partnering with New York's 92Y Roundtable.org for a series of virtual courses. And of course, Poe House offers tours weekly and tickets can be purchased on our website now. Printouts have saved more than one V-day at my house, just sayin'... (un)Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Yours in Poe,
Enrica Jang
Director, Poe Baltimore

P.S. Next month we'll announce our slate of judges for the 2023 Saturday 'Visiter' Awards. In case you didn't know, call for entries is open now!