imageDear Friend of Poe Baltimore,

You can help us move towards that future today, by making a tax-deductible donation to Poe Baltimore, Inc. Your dollars will help build new programs, and advance our important aim to expand the hours and days that we’re open, as well as to offer more people the opportunity to experience the living legacy of Edgar Allan Poe in his beloved city of Baltimore. Please make your gift today.

As our thank you during these last weeks of 2015, all donors* who are:

· Our Hop Frogs: for your gift of $25 we’ll send you a coupon for one 2015-2016 visitor’s admission to the Poe House.

· Our Pendulums: for your gift of $50, the above gift, plus a snazzy Poe Baltimore coffee mug. (Sorry- we can’t mail it, pick up at the Poe House on your next visit.)

· Our Masques of Red Death: for your gift of $100, the above gifts, plus we’ll send you an autographed copy of Baltimore author and Poe Baltimore docent, David F. Gaylin’s Edgar Allan Poe’s Baltimore.

· Our Black Cats: for your gift of $250, the above gifts, plus a signed print of Stephen Parke’s 2015 stunning digital etching/woodcut of Poe.

· Our Ravens: $500, the above gifts, plus we’ll add something special.

Your gift matters. I hope I can count on your generosity today to help visitors explore Poe’s “chamber door”, and experience Poe’s unique genius through vital events and programs throughout the city that he loved. I look forward to counting on you as one of our supporters.

Kristen Harbeson





P.S. Your gift today helps Poe’s legacy thrive.

[*Please note that we’ll mail out our “thank you” items as soon as we can. Obviously, all donors living outside the continental US will not receive US tax benefits, and we will only be able to offer shipping heavy items like the book for an additional international shipping/handling fee.]

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One Response to Support Poe Baltimore with an End of Year Donation

  1. FINALLY!!! The True Reason For The Death Of Edgar Allan Poe. The Mystery Of “Reynolds” Revealed.
    Previously, we proposed that Poe based his famous short story, “The Cask of Amontillado” on the infamous 1804 duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Poe knew that his demise was attributable to his unflattering portrayal of Hamilton as the “Fortunato” character in his revenge tale. Now, the true reason for Poe’s death is unveiled.

    As Poe lay near death in a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, he left with his dying breaths, a clue for all posterity, as to the reason for his murder. In his final extremity, Poe cried out, repeatedly, the name, “Reynolds.” Poe experts have theorized for more than a century and a half about the identity of Reynolds. Was he a witness? Was he the person responsible for Poe’s condition? Was he Poe’s murderer?

    Alexander Hamilton would have known very well the name “Reynolds.” Hamilton’s political aspirations were destroyed by his illicit affair with one, Maria Reynolds! Aware of this fact, Poe used the name “Reynolds” to leave for all time, this Hamiltonian clue to the reason for his death!

    More @

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    I am available to partner with Poe Baltimore to assist with funding efforts. I can be reached at the above email address.

    Cranston Erby

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