“Superstitious terror crept by degrees into the spirit of the old Swede, and my own soul was wrapped up in silent wonder” — Edgar Allan Poe

Allan vs. Poe, A Discussion About Fatherhood

This is a hybrid event. Session will be presented in-person at Carroll Mansion (800 E. Lombard Street in Baltimore,) and online via Zoom.

Discussion about Edgar Allan Poe and fathers, presented online and in-person by Poe Baltimore and POETIC Justice in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Edgar Poe was orphaned at the age of two and taken in by John and Francis Allan of Richmond, Virginia. Though at first a seemingly happy foster family, young Edgar would eventually fall out with the brusque and practical John Allan, due to difference in temperament and cultural clash between the sensitive American boy and the Scottish businessman. Their broken relationship would shape Edgar’s tumultuous adulthood, and his life would later end mysteriously and tragically in Baltimore in 1849.

Join Poe Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland, and POETIC Justice Productions of Ayrshire, Scotland, for a special virtual summit about history, fatherhood, literature and heritage, June 13, 2024, at 7PM EDT. Attendees local to Baltimore may choose to attend in-person for candle-light visit to the Poe Death Exhibit at the historic Carroll Mansion. Light refreshment and gift shop on-site; program will screen in the second floor drawing room.

Attendees will learn the Scottish lineage of the Allan family, as well as the life and times of immigrants and southern gentlemen in antebellum Richmond, Virginia. We’ll also share the history of Edgar’s biological family, the Poes of Baltimore, followed by discussion about the difference between a loving father and a father who loves you. Live Q&A will follow and attendees are encouraged to participate in discussion.

The live session has limited seats to encourage interactive Q&A with the presenters. Please note: All sessions are conducted via the free Zoom web-conferencing platform. At this time transcription and/or sign-language services are not available; closed captions provided by Zoom. Presentations are conducted in English.



Carroll Mansion (also Carroll Museums) 800 E. Lombard Street Baltimore, MD